On the way to Ghana

To accelerate every project of Africa-Japan.com, Hamada plans to visit Ghana.  Even though it was troublesome to have Yellow fever vaccination, issue of entry VISA, arrangement of flight, and so on, every prior preparation has been completed.  Without any trouble, Hamada will fly to Ghana.

Ghanaian friends, looking forward to seeing you all!




It took almost three month to get this VISA.


Ghana passport center in Beijing

Canoe project



浜田の帰国後に経年劣化により当該カヌーが廃船になったことを知り、2016年カヌー事業をManiwa Edem氏と再開することを決意。2016年中に二隻目のカヌー(ヤマハのエンジン付き)を進水させることを目標にプロジェクト進行中。

Canue project which provides canoe for daily life in Volta River of Ghana.

Hamada, who stayed from 1996 to 1999 as a Japan Overseas Corporation Volunteer, bought a canoe to exercise body on weekends.  Knowing the lack of canoes in Volta River for daily life, he decided to provide his canoe, which was the start of this canoe project.

After returning to Japan, the canoe was retired due to aging degradation, he and Mr. Maniwa Edem decided to restart the canoe business.  This project is on going to launch the second canoe by the end of 2016.


建造中のカヌー/Canoe under construction


Boss Yuichi Hamada


From the backend



The first canoe in 1997


The first canoe in 1997


Academiathlon project

Academiathlon (アカデミアスロン)は、トライアスロンとルービックキューブとを組み合せた次世代の競技です。6大陸(北アメリカ、南アメリカ、オーストラリア、ユーラシア、南極、アフリカ)での国際大会開催を計画しており、アフリカでの第一回大会はガーナでの開催を考えています。

Academiathlon is a challenge to the next generation of human being, who are required to complete TRIATHLON and RUBIK’s CUBE simultaneously.  Its international competition is planed to be held in 6 continents (North America, South America, Australia, Eurasia, Antarctica, and Africa).  The first competition in Africa will be held in Ghana.

blind-square (Mobile) run-square (Mobile) swim-square (Mobile)


Africa portal site project


African portal in Japan opened from 1999 to 2001.  Based on directory-type search engine, information related to Africa was widely posted thereof.  The service such as Manga, quiz, photos was provided.  The communication with persons, such as embassy staff and internationl cooperation employees, was conducted proactively.  The recognition of this site was relatively high.  Because of the emergence of robot-type search engine (Google) and the site owner’s personal reasons, the site was closed in 2001.  Currently, another communication methodoloty between Africa and Japan different from the portal site is being under review.



International Education Network (IEN) project


English document correction service business from 1998 to 2000.  In this service, Ghanaian teachers correct English essay/diary writen by Japanese English learners.  Since Internet was widespreading and Japan was boosted by Internet Bubble economy, this business caught lots of attention from media and received the grand prize in the business contest.  However, there were some deficiencies in the business plan, the service was suspended without no-time-limit.  The details of those days will be posted in this site in the future.

International Education Network (IEN)


IEN portal site (currently not in service) / IENポータルサイト(現在休止中)